Lambro 2.0: The Future of Digital
Entertainment by AgaTech 

Experience the Ultimate Fusion of NFT Memes, Flash Games, Contests, Music, Streaming, Podcasts, and Online Courses and Webinars!

Key Offerings

Meme-Generating Platform
Meme-Generating Platform

A unique space for creating, sharing, and engaging with memes, integrated with social media.

Flash Game
Flash Game

A curated selection of flash games across various genres, aimed at attracting a
broad user base.

Contests and Challenges
Contests and Challenges

Regular competitions to keep the community active.

User-Generated Content
User-Generated Content

Platform for uploading and sharing videos, artwork, and stories.


Live streams of games, events, and educational content.

Music Platform
Music Platform

A potential entry into the music streaming market, leveraging AgaTech's existing
technology and user base.


Original and hosted podcasts covering a range of topics, from entertainment to

Online Courses and Webinars
Online Courses and Webinars

 Educational content focused on the entertainment industry,
filmmaking, and game development.

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Q4 2023: Planning and Initial Development

➡️ Strategic Planning: Finalize the business model, revenue streams, and key features of Lambro 2.0.
➡️ Funding: Secure initial funding through investors or internal resources.
➡️ Team Assembly: Hire or allocate a core development team, including front-end and back-end developers, UX/UI designers, and project managers.
➡️ Partnerships Outreach: Start initial conversations with potential content providers and educational institutions.
➡️ Initial Marketing: Develop a pre-launch marketing strategy, including social media teasers and email campaigns.

Q1 2024: Alpha Release and Content Acquisition

➡️ Alpha Development: Complete the alpha version of the platform with basic features.
➡️ Internal Testing: Conduct internal tests to identify bugs and areas for improvement.
➡️ Content Licensing: Secure licenses for games, music, or other third-party content.
➡️ In-House Content: Begin the production of in-house content like podcasts and educational material.
➡️ Feedback Loop: Establish a system for collecting feedback from internal testers.

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Q2 2024: Beta Release and Marketing

➡️ Beta Launch: Release a beta version to a limited audience, including some external users.
➡️ User Feedback: Collect and analyze user feedback for feature refinement.
➡️ Marketing Campaign: Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign, including PPC ads, influencer partnerships, and social media promotions.
➡️ Community Building: Engage with the community through forums, social media, and other online platforms.
➡️ KPI Monitoring: Establish and monitor key performance indicators to measure the beta's success.

Q3 2024: Official Launch

➡️ Public Launch: Roll out Lambro 2.0 to the general public with refined features based on beta feedback.
➡️ KPI Dashboard: Set up a real-time dashboard to monitor KPIs like user acquisition, engagement, and revenue.
➡️ User Engagement: Introduce monthly contests, challenges, and other engagement features.
➡️ Customer Support: Establish a robust customer support system to handle queries and issues.
➡️ Post-Launch Marketing: Continue marketing efforts to sustain user interest and acquisition.

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Q4 2024: Iteration and Expansion

➡️ Feature Updates: Roll out updates and new features based on post-launch feedback.
➡️ Revenue Stream Exploration: Test additional revenue streams like sponsored content or premium educational courses.
➡️ Market Analysis: Conduct a market analysis to identify new opportunities or shifts in user behavior.
➡️ Partnership Expansion: Secure additional partnerships for content or cross-promotions.
➡️ Year-End Review: Conduct a year-end review to assess performance and set goals for the next year.

2025 and Beyond: Scaling and Diversification

➡️ Scalability: Optimize the platform's architecture for scalability to handle an increasing user base.
➡️ Content Diversification: Expand the range of content offerings based on user demand and market trends.
➡️ Global Expansion: Explore the feasibility of expanding to new markets or languages.
➡️ Community Features: Introduce social features like user profiles, friend systems, and community forums.
➡️ Long-Term Strategy: Update the long-term strategy based on performance and market evolution.


Cyberscope have verified Lambro with the KYC Badge and the official certification.

Audits KYC Certificate

Smart contract security audit from CheckDot

CheckDot checked the security of Lambro, you can read the official document here. 

CheckDot audit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lambro ($LAMBRO)?

Lambro ($LAMBRO) is a digital token designed to support innovation in entertainment, memes, games, content creation, streaming, music, podcasts, online training and webinars.

What technology underpins Lambro ($LAMBRO)? 

Lambro ($LAMBRO) is built on the Binance Smart Chain, utilizing BEP-20 standards for secure and interoperable transactions across blockchain networks, with plans to explore and integrate more advanced blockchain technologies.

What is the roadmap for Lambro ($LAMBRO)?

Our roadmap outlines our vision for $LAMBRO, including upcoming technology partnerships, platform enhancements, and milestones for ecosystem expansion.

Are there any rewards for holding Lambro ($LAMBRO)?

Holding $LAMBRO may qualify you for staking rewards, participation in governance, and exclusive access to tech events and beta tests of emerging technologies.

Who can I contact support?

For support inquiries, please contact our team via the support section on our website or reach out to our community managers on social media platforms.

Meet the People Behind Our Success


Víðir Helgi Helgason leads Agatech as its CEO with a focus on collaborative and inclusive leadership. His approach is marked by open communication and a hands-on style, emphasizing team engagement and a shared commitment to the company’s objectives.


Grzegorz has +5 years of experience in the crypto market , mostly as advisor and community manager.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Agatech

Antor serves as the Chief Information Officer at Agatech, where he is revered as the guardian of the company’s technological frontiers. His role is central to ensuring that Agatech not only stays abreast of current tech trends but also leads the way in innovation.

Chief of Staff and Technology at Agatech

Abdulrahman Abdulgafar, popularly known as Devan, serves as the Chief of Staff and Technology at Agatech. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Devan's academic background complements his role, providing a solid foundation in technical expertise.


Web3, Blockchain and Crypto enthusiast/Writer, Project Ambassador/Marketer with 4 years Crypto Experience, Ex- Revenue Associate Officer , Ex- Private Business Teacher.

Web3 devs

As a highly skilled freelance web3 developer, I bring extensive experience in crafting decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum platform. My proficiency spans a wide array of technologies, including TypeScript, React, Subgraph, Redux, web3Js, and ethersJs, enabling me to engineer dApps that are not only fast, intuitive, and scalable but also at the forefront of technological innovation.

Social Media Manager

Jems Mick is a skilled Social Media Manager with a talent for crafting engaging content and building dynamic online communities. With a keen eye for what captures audience interest, excels in connecting projects with the global online world. Utilizing a mix of strategic communication and creative flair, transforms social media platforms into vibrant spaces that foster interaction and growth, ensuring that each project not only reaches but also resonates with its target audience.

Media Video Engineer

With an impressive blend of technical and social expertise, Alex holds degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Sociology of Management. His diverse skill set doesn't end there; he's also a talented director and content creator.
Beyond his academic and professional achievements, Alex is an avid streamer who loves connecting with audiences. Additionally, he's immersed in the world of finance as an algorithmic cryptocurrency trader and expert in arbitrage.

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